Cisco 8.0 MR3 Beta Open To Public

Cisco announced public participation in 8.0 M3 beta testing. If you’re interested visit Cisco Support Community. 

8.0.122.x Available – 8.0MR3 Beta

We are pleased to announce the availability of 80MR3 beta (Upcoming for general testing

If you are interested in participating on the beta program, please send email to with your CCO username, network size and planned usage scenario


Resolved List –

CSCtl96208 “capwap ap hostname” CLI returns “ERROR!!! Command is disabled.”
CSCuf77488 wips alarm detection time stamp is ahead of AP clock
CSCui95938 fast Switching SSDi and IPAD Issue
CSCul42704 WIPS-Rogue APs are mistaken as infrastructure devices
CSCun06894 duplicate mac address issue of Ap Rcv image
CSCun52472 “show dtls connection” shows blank in AP Name column for Capwap_Data
CSCuo16301 HA:-Unable to pair up the active/Standby wlc due to config sync failure.
CSCuo19601 Flex AP in Standalone mode not triggering ap-primed-join-timeout timer
CSCuo48442 Stale old DTLS data_encryption session histories are left on WLC
CSCup13091 Local eap, local user, created for specific WLAN works for diferent wlan
CSCup64468 WLC device sends invalid format “#” in front of syslog message
CSCup68372 Stats are carried over when session timeout occurs
CSCup72502 5500 on 7.6 does not deauth client when Flex ACL is not present on AP
CSCup75446 Default interface takes precedence over foreign VLAN mapping with CWA
CSCup80403 Low iMac Tput -supported rate IE in association response has ZERO length
CSCuq50069 SHA1 key cipher not working between WLC 80 and MSE 80 CCO versions.
CSCuq68753 5500 anchor running crashed on osapiBsnTimer
CSCuq73590 WLC adds incorrect class attribute in accounting stop
CSCuq88748 Rogue APs wrong classification from malicious to unclassified
CSCur13400 DHCP Option 82 and Sub Option 5 issue in WLC 8.0
CSCur25239 Controller crash on mping command over telnet/ssh
CSCur32475 NewMobility Web-Auth on MacFilter Failure always send client to web-auth
CSCur43124 WSSI module stops working after Upgrade from to 7.6 MR3
CSCur48612 8.1 emWeb crash when adding devices to mDNS policy
CSCur48944 Problem in Client Stats Reports and Optimized Roaming
CSCur49165 WiSM2 system crash radiusTransportThread aaaRadiusAuth
CSCur57909 Client misses to override vlan after shifting wlan.
CSCur60218 New mobility web auth on mac filter failure Export Anchor request fails
CSCur74208 Name/OID: cLMobilityExtMgrAddress.0; Returning in IP in Reverse Order
CSCur80935 overridden acl is not applied on Guest access controller
CSCur88307 AP name unknown in dissoc messages (Intermittent)
CSCur90555 T8.0 WLC keeps ghost client entry
CSCur91936 MDNS discovery issue with WLC 8.0.100
CSCur95365 Controller crashes when issuing command show ap config general
CSCus03406 Dataplane crash on 8500 WLC with 7.6
CSCus07013 Adding mac filter check when client is changing SSID for webauth
CSCus20991 Radius NAC Client auth issues for
CSCus30429 OEAP600 not giving ip on remote LAN port in 8.0
CSCus33759 Local Policies not working after OUI Update
CSCus51456 WLC – Radius multiple UDP source port support for radius protocol
CSCus53635 Add 802.11a Philipines country support for 1532I Aps joined to 5760.
CSCus61445 DNS ACL on wlc is not working – AP not Send DTLS to WLC
CSCus68340 Standby keeps auto rebooting and stays in “STANDBY COLD” state
CSCus73932 Multicast configuration issue on 8510 WLC OS
CSCus74299 New mobility:Client not deleted on 5508 when it roams at webauth state
CSCus74362 controller crashed with task radiusTransportThread
CSCus76833 CT5508 crashes at sisfSwitcherTask
CSCus77368 WLC: Crash ewaFormSubmit_cell_edit
CSCus80478 CAP1530 not forward, send packets to wired side after bootup
CSCus80685 AP sends few frames with previous security association’s packet number
CSCus89468 Need to add AP802 to list of APs that support Flex+Bridge mode
CSCus91439 WLC – Memory leak – k_mib_cisco_lwapp_dot11_client.c
CSCut02524 default NAS-ID value at the AP-Groups should be empty or “none”
CSCut09821 Unused Data DTLS session is remained on WLC running
CSCut14459 session ID changes for an intercontroller client roam using EAPFAST
CSCut16170 Mobility tunnel down after switchover on 7.6
CSCut25670 CSCuwAP: %DTLS-5-SEND_ALERT: Send FATAL; join failure loop
CSCut27598 Client unable to get IP when switching wlan on New mobility.
CSCut31468 local profile showing wrong stats under Manufacturer Stats
CSCut39118 WLC 8510 Failure to collect feature MobilityExtGroupMember on PI 2.2
CSCut42926 WLC crash on SNMPtask after doing config audit from PI
CSCut43770 PMIPv6 Client Traffic is Sent to the Wrong LMA
CSCut62319 Broadcast Key Rotation won’t occur after MAC Filtering enabled
CSCut70403 Jian WLC crashed with task name ‘HAConfigSyncTask’
CSCut74263 MAG on AP:AP does not clear bindings after session/user timeout & deauth
CSCut76481 WLC sends 1499 bytes MTU switchover
CSCut87326 WLC generates SNMP traps to PI 2.2 for AIR-3702 PoE+ getting low power
CSCut93569 MSE – NMSP inactive with WLC
CSCut93712 AP not send RM IE for 11k in association response; no 11k for iOS > 8.1
CSCut97683 WLC crash on spamApTask2
CSCut99150 2702 AP requesting as a Type 1 power device instead of Type 2
CSCuu06047 Packet drops on 2702 AP in flex local auth/local switch mode
CSCuu07700 EAP Packet does not get encrypted in Re-auth request from client
CSCuu08752 SXP Crash when running Trust Sec clients on Talwar
CSCuu20097 Token Bucket leak when QoS Roles setup and when working with WebAuth
CSCuu37437 WLC8510 crashing while NMSP polling in progress.
CSCuu45186 dot11 arp-cache does not works well
CSCuu47016 Cisco Application Visibility and Control UDP Vulnerability
CSCuu49291 7925 decrypt errors with AP1131 running 8.0 code
CSCuu54100 Switching between SSIDs fails with FAST SSID enabled on PMIPv6 WLANs
CSCuu59589 False positive AP sourced AP impersonation on corrupted beacon
CSCuu66675 Lock crash on radiusTransportThread during CMCC external auth
CSCuu68490 duplicate radius-acct update message sent while roaming
CSCuu72366 Silent Crash mmListen process
CSCuu77304 Clients deauthenticated from OEAP 600 LAN ports
CSCuu82416 Evaluation of wlc for OpenSSL June 2015
CSCuu83748 WLC sends bsnRogueAPRemoved Trap when notify configured none
CSCuu83941 8510: Error enabling global multicast with capwap mode unicast
CSCuu91001 Netflow record sent without client IP address
CSCuu93296 EAP-TLS loosing device certificate in standalone mode after reboot
CSCuu98792 AP 1570, antenna enable config is lost on reboot
CSCuu99344 WLC crash – DHCP packet content while on new mobility
CSCuv00107 PMIPv6 Client MAC Address shows up on the mac address table of Switch
CSCuv00598 Optimized Roaming per WLAN feature
CSCuv04474 Sanity: AP1700 crashed during multicast client traffic(cont.CSCuu89311)
CSCuv09655 Anchor crash on New Mobility apf_msDeleteTblEntry
CSCuv13731 3702 AP sends burst traffic – AMPU/MSDU/Off-channel/RRM disabled
CSCuv22052 Link local multicast control traffic sent by APs, IGMP Snooping Enabled
CSCuv27320 Wired clients in 702w AP leaking traffic across ports/vlans
CSCuv28555 3702 – Voice Queue stuck, with no new clients able to associate.
CSCuv31162 WLC 5500 Crashes continously in HA Setup@task: apfRogueTask_2 and 3
CSCuv34277 Wireless Client not able to get IP address on 3650 MA from 5508 anchor
CSCuv34946 EOGRE and PMIPv6 client fails to move to Run state
CSCuv36505 8.0 WLC messages flooding cli after debug client
CSCuv37613 Apple devices failing 802.11r FT roam
CSCuv51521 Active WLC should send GARPs when HA Re-Paring after Active-Active state
CSCuv53952 SSID still broadcasted by the AP after the wlan is deleted from wlc
CSCuv61271 Window DHCP BAD_ADDRESS for Access Points
CSCuv67144 Need to re-evaludate Algeria if in -E or -I
CSCuv69967 OEAP600 wired 802.1x remote LAN forward traffic in 802.1x Required State
CSCuv82110 vWLC: Decrypt errors occurred for client using WPA2 key on 802.11a intf
CSCuv85747 Mobility Member entries going stale
CSCuv86494 WLC clears AP MAC before deleting client, sends netflow with Zero AP MAC
CSCuv87657 8.0/8.1 WLC’s fail to send FRAMED-IP attribute to AAA server
CSCuv87839 Wired clients in 702w AP getting put in mgmt vlan
CSCuv90333 Pineridge – afpmsConntask flood when running client console debug
CSCuv96333 readonly user able to change “Telnet Capability” setting
CSCuv97793 WiSM2 crash AP_DB_CREATE_ERR Message queue MFP-Q is nearing full
CSCuw03414 WLC crash: “Software Failed while accessing the data”
CSCuw06127 Silent crash 8.0.120 due to memory leak in CDP Main
CSCuw06153 unauthorized configuration change for web management
CSCuw10610 Non authenticated HTTP page allows to logout any connected client
CSCuw12544 Rate-limiting is causing 500ms gap of traffic when roaming
CSCuw13264 702w missing interface information on controller after HA failover
CSCuw15008 Mobility Task Hogs CPU – Reaper Reset in SpamApTask
CSCuw24476 Increased Ping latency & Reduced traffic on 8510 with QOS rate limiting
CSCuw26377 Crash due to invalid form field validation on switch_cfg_rw.html
CSCuw29419 Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Radius Packet of Disconnect Vulnerability
CSCuw29564 APs show 0 neighbors on 5GHz band and client 802.11 packets are ignored
CSCuw35341 IP address lost on AAA override+muiltiple subnetworks per vlan+DHCP req
CSCuw35349 DHCP registration failing when mask from WLC intf does not match client received mask
CSCuw44480 802.11r client fails auth if self reset before user idle timeout expires
CSCuw50324 Crash on high CPU for bonjour
CSCuw57588 C3600 AP crash on am_xml_GetChildCount
CSCuw87468 Rogue containment not working on for AP3700 with WSM module
CSCuw89581 WLC System Crash on apfReceiveTask
CSCuw90625 Rogue rules not applied correctly after upgrade to
CSCuw91763 Feature “AES Key Wrap” does not work
CSCux03108 8510 crashed on Task Name:portalMsgTask.
CSCux18259 PI 3.0 – Sync Issue on Flexconnect Native VLAN Configuration
CSCux41354 Evaluation of wlc for OpenSSL December 2015 vulnerabilities
CSCux47470 controller crash at openssl_cert_hash_algo_check_callback
CSCux22935 HA+802.11r:Post SSO FT PSK/EAP Apple clients fails to connect.
CSCux22620 8510 WLC crash in radiusTransportThread system task
CSCut23325 1700 AP not encrypting icmp and arp sent from the client over the air
CSCus92667 GET on Ap groups Table after set – response missing
CSCus39396 QoS Bronze Profile not marking traffic to AF11 on Flex
CSCut06502 WLC crash due to task name RRM-CLNT-5_0
CSCut48172 LSC AP provisioning happening after MAP is disconnected for long time
CSCtu45614 Spectrum Management Bit Should be set to 1 all the time
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