802.11 – Action Frames

The 802.11 standard section 8.5 comments on action frames. Action frames are interesting. Action frames can be triggered by access points or client stations. The action frame provides information and direction as in what to do. The 802.11 standard comments about action frames in 17 different sections of subsection 8.5. While many of these aren’t used by vendors today some important ones are. Lets review some comments about action frames and then head to the frame captures.


Example: DFS event is under way. The access point is sending an action frame to the cell to announce a channel change.

Category – 0 Spectrum Management
Action – 4 Channel Switch Announcement
Element – New Channel 64




Example: In this example TSPEC. Where a client is requesting a TS <traffic stream>.

Category – 17 WNM
Action – 0 ADDTS Reuquest
Status Code: 0 Admission Accepted


* Note I believe Omnipeek is decoding this wrong. I believe the category code should read WNM.

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