#WLPC – Why Should You Attend?

Every year there are tons of conferences to pick and choose from to attend. If you are Aruba focused you have AirHeads, Cisco has Cisco Live, Ruckus has Big Dogs, and so on and so on. As much as I would love to I can’t necessarily attend all nor can you probably, sometimes it’s hard to even get approval for one conference. Now what happens if we change “conference” to “training”? Essentially that is what needs to be done for WLPC. The event is more training than conference, although we are sitting in sessions we are not getting a product or marketing pitch from a TME that works for the vendor. Instead at WLPC you hear from other professionals in the industry presenting on either specific technical areas of wireless or some speak about social and career development topics. I’ve never left a session not feeling like I didn’t learn something. What’s even better about this event is the size. Cisco Live brings in 20,000+ attendees, AirHeads a few thousand as well. While I have friends that attend the event, they are from all areas of technology and not just wireless focused, so a lot of times our out of session conversations are not necessarily technology focused. At WLPC attendance is limited to 200 registrations, groups eat breakfast together, attend sessions together, eat lunch together, and finally hang out in the evenings together (plug: NSA Show will be recording a live show from the event as well as Whiskey and Wireless). This is a great opportunity for learning, networking, and getting together with like minded professionals.

Make sure you head on over to and get registered today. As of the time of writing 1/2 of the registration spots are filled!


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Blake Krone

Blake Krone

Cisco CCIE #31229 (Wireless) and CWNE #152, all around tech junkie, code poet. Connecting people with cans and strings.

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