RX-SOP Whitepaper

Recently Sam and I went out to Cisco’s Richfield, Ohio office to work in their test lab on the AP2700 looking at high density client usage and RX-SOP. Our high density whitepaper which was previously published can be found over at Last week alongside the introduction of the WLC 8.0 code we released our RX-SOP whitepaper. RX-SOP is another tool in the toolbox that allows greater tuning of high density networks for example.

Head on over to to read the whitepaper and see our testing results!

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Blake Krone

Blake Krone

Cisco CCIE #31229 (Wireless) and CWNE #152, all around tech junkie, code poet. Connecting people with cans and strings.


  1. August 25, 2014 at 3:41 pm — Reply

    […] RX-SOP Whitepaper […]

  2. September 3, 2014 at 5:07 am — Reply

    The paper does a good job explaining the feature, but the testing part desires best.

    Which client on your diagram is the red one, and which is the blue one? They’re same color on the map! šŸ™‚

    How was throughput measured – uplink, downlink, mix, UDP, TCP? What was the test load? All this SOP thing is nice, but until clients implement it, the effects will be marginal if there’s a reasonable ratio of upload traffic present and clients can hear each other.

    Also, one of the more interesting scenarios would be not when each client is right under the AP, but slightly further (and closer to each other): AP1 AP2

    I see you are trying to do a lot of good for the community, but w/o explaining the testing method this paper is as useful as ..well.. many other “independent” Cisco tests we’ve seen before. I don’t think this is what you intended to achieve šŸ˜‰ Please post the test method and other tests you may have done.

  3. September 3, 2014 at 5:10 am — Reply

    Looks like the comment form does not like ‘greater/less than’ symbols. Here’s the connection diagram again:
    AP1 — C1 —- C2 —- AP2

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