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S01E02 – Fluke Networks LinkSprinter

Welcome to E02, today we take a look at the Fluke Networks LinkSprinter 100 & 200 networking testing devices.

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E43 – Cisco AP2700 (SPONSORED)

Cisco has introduced their new AP 2700 which supports 802.11ac Wave 1 and we get a first hand look at with Sangita Mahishi. The AP 2700 joins the AP 3700 as Cisco’s 2nd purpose built 802.11ac APs. Learn about all the features and differences between it and the AP 3700 and where to place it […]

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E42 – CMX Innovations (SPONSORED)

Welcome to E42 of the show! Today we get a recap and hear about the future of Cisco CMX. Retail analytics is a hot topic right now, whether you are for it or against it. Take a list to hear about CMX and the new features. I even learned something new on the show, did […]

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SDDC 2014 Coming Up Soon!

Our good friends over at Tech Field Day have got another awesome Software Defined Data Center Symposium coming up this April.  They’ve created a special discount code for NSA Show listeners.  It’s good for $25 off the registration price of the event.  The code is NSAVIP25.  Here are some of the details about the event: […]

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S01E01 – NSAShow TV Intro

Welcome to No Strings Attached Show TV! Yeap we are going to be doing some video series. This episode kicks it off, explains it, and asks for topics!

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E41 – WiFi Got You Down?

We are back with all new equipment which will hopefully fix some of the recent audio issues. On this episode of the show we talk about the latest Apple SSL bug that has caused quite an uproar being called a wireless vulnerability. We also chat about a wireless virus being theorized but a University. There’s […]

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E40 – Tumors, Muni, and Hacks

Welcome to E40 of the NSA Show, today we have one of our featured bloggers, George Stefanick, on the show with us to discuss WiFi being pulled from schools down under for health concerns, municipal wireless deployments, fun with gaming consoles, welcoming back our friend in blue, and a quick discussion about wireless hacking. Enjoy! […]

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E39 – Identity Management with ClearPass (Sponsored)

Welcome to 2014! On this episode of the NSA Show we talk with Carlos from Aruba Networks about identity management and where it is heading. Let’s face it the BYOD craze is done in terms of marketing so what is there left for identity management going forward? Was it just a fad or is it […]

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