E40 – Tumors, Muni, and Hacks

Welcome to E40 of the NSA Show, today we have one of our featured bloggers, George Stefanick, on the show with us to discuss WiFi being pulled from schools down under for health concerns, municipal wireless deployments, fun with gaming consoles, welcoming back our friend in blue, and a quick discussion about wireless hacking. Enjoy!

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Blake Krone

Blake Krone

Cisco CCIE #31229 (Wireless) and CWNE #152, all around tech junkie, code poet. Connecting people with cans and strings.


  1. January 11, 2014 at 5:36 pm — Reply

    Hey Blake,

    You said something about the muni wifi offering a different price for users with a router, rather than a single device…

    Any idea how they enforce this?

    I can think of two ways to tell whether a user has deployed a NAT box with multiple machines behind it, neither of which lend themselves very well to enforcement:
    – different TTLs in outgoing packets
    – different IP ID numbers from inside systems

    My best to AJK, and congrats!


    • January 19, 2014 at 6:12 pm — Reply

      To be honest I don’t think they really are enforcing that here. The difference in price is because they give you a Wireless to Ethernet bridge, so I’m assuming that they have the price adjustment as you are renting a piece of equipment from them. You are correct though in that there really isn’t a good way to enforce this. Cellular providers look for people cheating the hotspot system by looking at TTLs typically. Even with systems in place like ISE/ClearPass it still would be tough to enforce.

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