Noise @ -100dBm

Probably wondering why so quiet on the NSAShow lately? Well with it being a the holidays that takes up a lot of folks time and host Blake got a little bundle of joy delivered Dec 27th as well (link). But don’t fret we have some good stuff coming up soon! We will be kicking off the new year with a podcast with Aruba followed by Cradlepoint. We want to do more of the analyzing the noise episodes, a lot more, but we need your help! What are some topics you would like to hear about? So far we are thinking of the following:

  • Best practices (data rates, cell edges, antennas, etc)
  • Certifications
  • Rent vs build a home lab
  • What is a site survey?
  • Tools 101 revisited
  • Admin spotlight – quick chats with admins that run networks on a daily basis

I also wanted to shed some light on where “sponsor” dollars go to real quick. Those funds go towards the hosting as I’ll be honest we don’t get many ad clicks which I don’t expect to as well as hardware & software to produce the show. Recently Sam and I have had some odd quirks with our primary recorder so we’ll be getting a new recorder, with Apple removing podcasting from GarageBand (plus we have outgrown it) we are looking at investing in Logic or similar to create higher quality audio files, we are also looking into a video series. Nothing definitive on this one yet, I would like your feedback as to whether or not you think a video series would be good or not. We are looking into investing in a Cintiq like monitor that we could whiteboard designs, configs, etc. If we did end up doing anything with video it would be most likely once per month. I’m also hoping to get some fresh voices on the show, some more of George Stefanick and Jennifer Huber for example as well as attempt a couple of “live” shows via Google Hangouts.

So there you have it, that’s what’s been going on and what will be going on in 2014. We here at the NSA Show wish you all a safe and happy new year!

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Blake Krone

Blake Krone

Cisco CCIE #31229 (Wireless) and CWNE #152, all around tech junkie, code poet. Connecting people with cans and strings.

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