Mark Your Calendars – Wireless Field Day 5 (Aug 7th-9th, 2013) #WFD5

I’m headed to WFD5 being held in San Jose, August 7th-9th. The sponsor line up is one to get excited about! A total of 9 sponsors in all are presenting during this event. Of which, four sponsors are new to Wireless Field Day –  AirTight, 7signal, Xirrus and Meru. We also have the return of past sponsors Fluke, Aerohive, Wildpackets, MetaGeek and Motorola.



As always the delegate gene pool is a who’s who in wireless social blogging and subject matter experts in their own right. Each delegate brings their own level of experience to each event. This always makes for great conversation and sponsor interaction.



MetaGeek –

I’m particularly interested in hearing about MetaGeeks integration with Cisco. MetaGeek demoed their WiSpy integration with Cisco Clean Air access points at Cisco Live. Interested in learning about the backend mechanics and added flexibility this new offering will bring. Hanging with the MetaGeek guys is always a blast. Good group of folks. My kind of people.

7Signal – 

Interested in hearing about their Sapphire solution and business model. They seem like an interesting company for network optimization. No prior experience with these folks so my ears are wide open! I want to hear about their healthcare optimization experience. Might be something I can leverage.

AirTight –

I’ve had the opportunity to work with AirTights offerings in the past. I found them to be highly competent. Most WiFi vendors today offer similar security solutions already built into their products. I want to hear how AirTight is positioning their value ad to customers and their new cloud base offering. I’m not a big overlay guy myself. Keeping my ears open.

Xirrus – 

I have no experience with Xirrus. Looking forward to meeting the Xirrus team and learning about their offerings. I’ve heard good things about their product line. Looking forward to some good take aways from the meeting.

Meru – 

Meru is the awkward kid on the bus. They do things differently and their solution is based around single channel architecture. I’m keeping an open mind and looking forward to meeting team Meru.

Wildpackets –

Boy do I love me some Wildpackets. I can wrap up Jay and his team in one word, OUTSTANDING. When you meet a vendor that has equally or more passion about WiFi than you do that is a vendor I want to do business with. Looking forward to the 11ac update and any new announcements that may be coming our way during the meeting.

Aerohive –

Nothing but love for my friends at Aerohive. They’re knocking down doors and making their presence known. Rightfully so, they have solid offerings and as Devin likes to always mention their “controller LESS”.They have a WiFi team that is a who’s who. Collectivity outside of Aerohive their team is responsible for the majority of 802.11 published material feeding the minds of WiFi engineers around the world. Looking forward to their presentation. When I return from WFD I have a scheduled POC using Aerohive’s Branch Office product.  Looking forward to it!

Fluke –

Not sure what Fluke will be presenting. Interesting in learning about Airmagnet 11ac road map. BTW did anyone get the AirCheck from the Aussie ?

Motorola – 

The Motorola team had a solid presentation last WFD. Looking forward to the same this go around.



Wednesday, Aug 7 08:00-10:00 Fluke Networks Presents at Wireless Field Day 5 
Wednesday, Aug 7 11:00-13:00 Aerohive Networks Presents at Wireless Field Day 5 
Wednesday, Aug 7 14:30-16:30 WildPackets Presents at Wireless Field Day 5
Thursday, Aug 8 08:00-10:00 AirTight Networks Presents at Wireless Field Day 5
Thursday, Aug 8 10:30-12:30 MetaGeek Presents at Wireless Field Day 5
Thursday, Aug 8 14:30-16:30 Motorola Solutions Presents at Wireless Field Day 5
Friday, Aug 9 08:00-10:00 7signal Presents at Wireless Field Day 5
Friday, Aug 9 10:30-12:30 Xirrus Presents at Wireless Field Day 5
Friday, Aug 9 14:00-16:00 Meru Networks Presents at Wireless Field Day 5


Want to follow along on Twitter ?

Simply follow Twitter hash tag #WFD5 or follow the delegates.


Do you have a question for a sponsor ?

Post your question via Twitter with hash tag #WFD5 and one of the delegates will ask for you!

What if I miss the event ?

Gestalt IT has you covered. Each live event is recorded and posted shortly after the event for your later consumption.


Your feedback was heard loud and clear ..

PrimeImage Media who does an unbelievable job capturing the live dynamics of each Field Day event will be using a new Delegate Microphone System (DMS).  Now you’ll be able to hear each delegate better than ever before.


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