WISM1 To WISM2 Migration

I recently migrated our WISM1 solution to WISM2s.  I want to share my experience and project gotcha list to help you with your installation.

SUP 720 Firmware

A few things need to be addressed prior to your WISM 2 migration. 

  1. You will need to make sure your SUPS are at 12.2(33)SXJ. This is a requirement for WISM2. Otherwise your SUPs wont recognize the WISM2s.
  2. If your SUP was configured manually to support the WISM1, meaning not configured with the “auto” WISM commands you will need to redo the WISM commands after you upgrade the SUP. 
  3. If you did the auto wism commands during your initial WISM1 installation and installed the WISM2. Your old port channels may still be present. You can check this with a #SHOW (WLAN-DIST-A#show etherchannel summary)
  4. Each WISM2 blade will map to a single port channel. If you see more portchannels. You can simply “no” the auto WISM commands, reboot and the reapply the auto WISM commands. This should clean up your excess port channels. It did for me.

Config Transfer – WISM1 to WISM2 

There has been discussion in the past whether or not you can transfer WLC config from a WISM1 to a WISM2. You can but you should note the below. 

Follow the below guidelines: 

  1. Make sure both controllers are on the same code prior to any code transfer
  2. Pull the config from WISM1 by doing a TFTP transfer
  3. Upload the config to WISM2 by doing a TFTP transfer 
  4. Update the mobility group IP address on all controllers in mobility group adding new WISM2 and removing old WISM1
  5. Remember to anchor your GUEST WLAN. 




This is a list of components that are required when deploying WiSM2 in the Catalyst chassis:


SW Versions

Catalyst 650X with 720 Sup*

12.2(33)SXJ or Higher

Ethernet Line-Cards – Tested and Compatible with WiSM2

6148, 6516, 6548, 6704-10Gb, 6708-10Gb, 6716-10Gb, 6748 and 6724

WiSM2 Controllers

7.0 MR1 ver


7.0 MR1 ver

* The Catalyst chassis on which the Cisco WiSM2 is installed needs a Supervisor 720 module.

Mobility Compatibility Matrix


WISM2 Deployment Guide  

Thanks Scott, Leo and Steve for the edit ..

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