Features Not Supported on Cisco Flex 7500 Controller

These features are not supported on Cisco Flex 7500 Series Controllers code, it could change in future versions:

•Local mode AP (However AP joins 7500 initially as local mode and should be converted to Flex Connectmode)



•Client and RFID tag location



•7500 as guest anchor

•L3 Roaming (Centrally switched wlan -> same and inter-controller)

•Multicast (Multicast – Multicast and Multicast – Unicast). (ignore – 7500 gui interface may still show multicast-multicast config.)


•TrustSec SXP

•IPv6/Dual Stack client Support



•HotSpot2.0 (802.11u)

•Client rate limiting for centrally switched clients

Cisco Flex 7500 Series Controller does not support the 802.1x security variants on a centrally switched WLAN. For example, the following configurations are not allowed(and TAC does not support) on a centrally switched WLAN

•WPA1/WPA2 with 802.1x AKM

•WPA1/WPA2 with CCKM


•Conditional webauth

•Splash WEB page redirect

If you want to configure your WLAN in any of the above combinations, the WLAN must be configured to use local switching.


•Flex7500 supports 1Gbps central switched data throughput for guest access

•Only Flex connect mode AP is supported for data traffic

•Static AP-manager interface

(Note: For Cisco 7500 Series controllers, it is not necessary to  configure an AP-manager interface. The management interface acts like an  AP-manager interface by default, and the access points can join on this  interface.)

•AP joined on local mode should be converted to Flex/Monitor, TAC does not support local mode AP services. supports 802.1X on Centrally switched wlan unlike


From: Saravanan Lakshmanan – Cisco CSC

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