Webauth stops redirecting after some time: CSCtx00942

We hit this bug a few weeks ago. I love the work around — Reboot your controller for another week or so. I understand Cisco is working on this bug.

As a side note. Software will have bugs and I appreciate the fact Cisco will publish these in a timley fashion and not hide their issues like some “other” vendors I know.


Webauth stops redirecting after some time

It is seen on 7.0.220 4404 WLC that users in the webauth SSID are not redirected to the login page anymore after 1 week or so.This message appears :
sshglue.c:7009 WebAuth HTTP Redirect rule creation failed for peer
webauth, 4404 running 7.0.116/220

A reboot solves the problem for another week or so

Status Status
Open Severity Severity
2 – severe Last Modified Last Modified
In Last 3 Days

Product Product
Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controllers

Technology Technology

1st Found-In 1st Found-in

Interpreting This Bug
Bug Toolkit provides access to the latest raw bug data so you have the earliest possible knowledge of bugs that may affect your network, avoiding un-necessary downtime or inconvenience. Because you are viewing a live database, sometimes the information provided is not yet complete or adequately documented. To help you interpret this bug data, we suggest the following:
  • This bug has a Severe severity level 2 designation. Important functions are unusable but the router’s other functions and the rest of the network is operating normally.
  • Severity levels are designated by the engineering teams working on the bug. Severity is not an indication of customer priority which is another value used by engineering teams to determine overall customer impact.
  • Bug documentation often assumes intermediate to advanced troubleshooting and diagnosis knowledge. Novice users are encouraged to seek fully documented support documents and/or utilize other support options available.


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